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Food/ice cream producer

For an “ice maker” in the East of the Netherlands, we built a complete air handling system; the AHU, equipped with heat recovery and conditioning (cooling and heating), complete with ductwork and supply through textile airsocks. Of course, this entire project was made in accordance with food hygiene guidelines.

Food, AHU/WTW, ductwork, airsocks

School/child center

For a newly built school in Slochteren without a gas connection, we provided the complete engineering, drawing work (Revit), delivery and installation of a WTW unit, in combination with a Daikin VRF heat pump system, which provides cooling and heating without a gas connection.

School, WTW, cooling/heat pump, complete air ducts and airsocks


For a testing laboratory in pharmaceuticals, we combined air handling units with cooling. In an expansion at the existing site, additional duct units (cooling/heat pump) were installed that optimally supply fresh and clean air via air ducts and airsocks.

Laboratory, WTW, cooling/heat pump, complete air ducts and airsocks

Hospitality/without gas connection

For a national hospitality chain, we built installations for the ventilation and air conditioning systems for several locations, all without a gas connection.
The heat from (electric/wood-fired) cooking is recovered and the use of multiple heat pumps on an AHU allows for an optimal indoor climate.

Hospitality, AHU/WTW, cooling/heat pumps, ductwork, airsocks

Office/low WTW

To avoid disturbing the appearance of the new office building, the client asked us to build the lowest possible air handling unit. By installing a unit with minimal height, the AHU remained invisible from the ground. NorthAir provided the complete engineering, drawing, delivery and installation of a WTW unit, complete with controls.

Office, low WTW, air ducts and diffusers

Operator room/switching rooms

Our client needed an air conditioning system for an operator room that is staffed 24 hours a day. In addition, all switch rooms had to be provided with cooling. NorthAir designed and built a new installation, of course fully in accordance with the client’s wishes and requirements.

Industry, operator & switch rooms, WTW, cooling/heat pump, complete ductwork

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